Monday, September 5, 2011

Firsts for Fall

Although it's a week late.... Megan had her first day of Pre-K!  Make no mistake about it, this is "pre-K"....if you ask her if she likes preschool, she'll explain that she's not in preschool anymore - she's in Pre-K.  Funny girl!

As we dropped the big girl off for Pre-K... the little girl and I headed to our local rec. center for her first day of baby gym class!!!!!  She walked in like she owned the place and knew exactly what to do!

 We took this class in the spring and Nicole was only about 14 months old so she was the baby of the class (some of the kids were over a year older than she was)... this time around, most of the kids are about the same age give or take 4-5 months.  So it's nice that they are all about the same skill level.  And our sweet Ms. Michelle is her teacher again and Nicole just eased right back in there.  Her favorite part of class is the end however.  Not because it's time to leave, but because you get fun stamps on your hand and feet and some awesome bubble time!
 Then on the 2nd day of school - Megan not only had school but then we headed over for her first gym class!  She hasn't taken a "big girl" gym class (where they are in the big gym the whole time) so she was a little nervous, but excited!
 Ms. Joy was her teacher - and Ms. Joy was the last teacher she had when she took her toddler gym class when she was 2 1/2.  Megan was excited to have 2 classmates from school who were unexpectedly in her class too.

So we've had lots of firsts that first week of school!  It started out a bit rocky with Megan not really appreciating that she went to school while Nicole got to be with mommy all day.  And to be honest it takes about 10 minutes to get Nicole to calm down after we drop Megan off... she doesn't like that her sister gets to go to school without her.  But by the end of the week it eased up a bit and we were able to enjoy it all a bit more.  Hopefully this week will be a bit better!

Happy Labor Day!

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