Saturday, September 3, 2011

Minnesota Zoo

While in Minneapolis, we also ventured over to the Minnesota Zoo.  so fun!
 I love our zoo in Atlanta and we make use of our season passes a lot... but I must say, I was extremely impressed with the size and makeup of the MN zoo.   Megan's favorite part (and ours too), was the dolphin show.

 Their zoo is a zoo and really an aquarium all rolled into one.  Megan loved frolicing alongside the penguins.
 Nicole loved the fish and turtles - well, she pretty much loved it all.

Nicole had taken a little nap on the way to the zoo and it kept her going the whole day.  Megan however was exhausted.  My little girls were very early risers the whole trip - getting up before 6 most days.  So by the afternoon, they were exhausted.  Nicole was so sweet to let Megan use her stroller - and keep checking on her to make sure she was nice and comfy.

 And then she made sure to have fun for both of them...
 She loved stopping to "feed the animals" - I'm sure the statues were appreciative.
 One of my favorite moments was with the tigers.  One tiger woke up and came right up to the glass.  Nicole would run right along side him and then he'd get to the end and turn around and Nicole would run away as fast as she could because it looked like he was coming right at her.  Then as he started the pace along the glass she would jump right back over to him (until he turned again).
 One of the really neat parts of the zoo is that they have a "children's area" - with a neat playground and a big splashpad.  We did not partake of the splash pad, but we did have some fun on the playground.
 The girls loved this lighthouse slide.  It's actually a replica of the very lighthouse that is up near Grandma and Papa's house - Split Rock Lighthouse.

 Nicole even got to ride her first fish.....
Yeah - ok, riding a fish.... well MN is the land of 10,000 lakes.  There were some funny things about the MN zoo too..... we got to see buffalo and dolphins, but they don't have elephants and giraffes.  So we'll keep our zoo too... nice to have some variety!

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