Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fun and Games

Recently, we've been visiting a church down the road from our house.  Today they had a "Back To School" church picnic.  Everyone brought picnic lunches and the church organized some fun games for the kids.  I wondered if Megan would join in - and sure enough she ran to get in line. 
It helped that she had a friend who also has been visiting.  Megan and Macie were trying to figure out exactly what you do in a "baton relay."
 Nicole wanted to join in sooooo badly - she really does think she's 4.  As the girls raced, Nicole just kept running to the tree and back.
 One of the funniest things, was Megan in the sack race.  I honestly didn't know if she'd be able to do it - most of the kid who were in that race were older... but she was a trooper and actually did a good job. 

Megan said the sack race was "soooo fun!" but she also loved the 3-legged race with Macie.

Nicole had to just be a spectator this year - but she was a cute one!
I have to admit, even posting this is hard because it means that I'm admitting that we are heading out of our life at our current church home, and beginning to step into a new church.  We've known our days at DBC were numbered and we wanted to get involved in a church closer to home before Megan started school.  We'll, that's next year!  So we are making baby steps and learning more about this new church and love it.  I have a feeling it'll be a hard transition for me - today we went back to DBC for Awana (which we will continue to do there), and my heart hurt.  It's hard going from a place where you feel like you are part of the fabric of the church, to a new church where you don't yet know where you'll fit in.  Unfortunately, most of the ministries that have made up so much of my "church ministry life" at DBC they don't have at this new church - no awana's, no women's ministry, no children's choir....  This is a church that is really a baby - it's an older church that was basically reborn 18 months ago.  In that time it's gone from a church of about 60 people to over 200 adults and 100 kids.  It's still in "church plant" mode so I know that God is doing something cool and leading us there so that we can use our talents and gifts to be a blessing to this baby.  But that in between stage may be a bit of a challenge for me.

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