Friday, September 2, 2011

Mall of America

Now when I say "Mall of America"... don't be fooled - we did NO shopping at this mall!  We rode rides!!!!!  A LOT of fun rides at the Nickelodeon Universe in the middle of the mall.  Megan was sooooo excited at all the choices of rides she had....

 Nicole was a bit overwhelmed by it all, at first... but she warmed up to the excitement pretty quickly...
 Megan was fearless and jumped on the first ride alone.
 Nicole found one that was just her size.
 If Megan was tall enough to ride it... she did!  Some with Mommy or Daddy, and some alone.  And she smiled nonstop the entire day.
 And little Nicole even got to ride a few too....

 And when Nicole wasn't on a ride, she was conspiring with Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawn about where to go next....
 And then... the Backyardigans showed up!!!!
 Megan even went on a BIG roller coaster - the orange crush.

 If you ask Megan what her favorite ride was, she'd tell you..... The Log Ride!  She rode it twice (that and the swings).
 Oh, and then we found the Wonder Pets!!!!

What a fun way to end the day!
Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawn sure did show us a good time.  So much so that I think we will be heading back after Christmas!

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