Wednesday, September 28, 2011


 Today, Megan's class had a fun field trip to one of our local Publix stores.
Megan had fun introducing me to some of her friends...
 Before the trip started - all the kids, teachers, and parents had to put on the obligatory hair net.  Megan was so not a fond of the hair net!
 We got to tour each part of the store.  All the kids were excited to get up close to the lobsters.
 Megan liked checking out the big freezer... I think she was hoping for them to open one of the big boxes of ice cream cones (no luck).
But in the deli area, all the kids got to sample some of the famos Publix Popcorn Chicken... I must admit, I didn't know they were famous for thier popcorn chicken - but Megan devoured it so I'm thinking we'll have to try it out one day.
Our favorite part... the bakery!  Of course!!!!!!
Each student got to help ice a cupcake and add sprinkles.  
 Megan's was the tallest one by far! Megan said it was super tasty - they ate them after lunch.
 Then to finish off our Publix tour - everyone got to learn to look for the barcode, scan an item, and be a bagger.  Fun!
I think Megan has a new found appreciation for our shopping trips now.

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Sandy P said...

Our class picture we are wearing the hair nets! We did not get chicken in the deli though. Our class got plastic gloves filled with regular popcorn. Macie's cupcake had the most sprinkles on it!