Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy B-day!

Oh what a day.  My sweet girls started my morning off with a bang with a fabulous rendition of Happy Birthday!  Even Nicole tries to sing it.  It's so cute because she mostly hums because she can't say the words.  Megan painted herself a bit this morning making me a sweet card!
Sadly, after dropping Megan off at school, Nicole got really really fussy.  She was pretty inconsolable - and then she let me have it... literally - all of it... everything she'd eaten all day.  Ugh.  Poor baby.  We had a visit to the Dr's office, a negative strep test (to the shock and awe of the Dr.) and a good grape lollipop (from the Dr. who felt so bad about how bad her throat looked).  And when we got home - she was like a different child.... one ready to play!

 It's so sweet to see the girls play together.  Nicole loves all of Megan's Polly Pockets and Princesses as much as Megan does.
 Megan has been desperately trying to show Nicole how to play board games.  I hear "No, Nicole, that's cheating!  What, you can't move your guy!  Nicole????!!!!"  It's quite funny.  It usually ends with a, "I'm  not playing with you anymore because you aren't playing right."
Those sweetpea's are the best birthday present I could ever have!  Oh how I love them and all the birthday's the Lord has given me. 

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