Thursday, September 8, 2011

Half Birthday

Today was Megan's Happy Half Birthday!  My baby is officially 4 1/2 today.  I have refused to let her be 4 1/2... that means she would be closer to 5 than 4.  And that just sounds too grown up for me!  But today she officially hit the half way mark.

My little Megan loves to learn.  She delights at any chance to show off a skill - she especially loves cutting challenges (like cutting out this bus).

If I need a minute to get something done (or take a shower), all I have to do is hand her some scissors and some cutting practice and she'll keep herself occupied for quite awhile.

 Or hand her a practice book of any sort and she'll show you that she can figure it out.  She's working hard on writing letters.  She'll be the first to tell you that those little lowercase letters "sure are tricky."  Today she came home from school telling me that she tried writing a little "k" and "it didn't go to well, but I got a skittle for trying."
 But I'm constantly reminded that although she's growing up and becoming a little girl - she's also still my baby.  These are her "babies."  She always makes sure they can see the TV when we have a special show on.  From left to right you have.... Hearts (grey kitten), Seashell, Flower (the dolphin), and her beloved Snowball.  She has a few other favorites, but they were in another chair.
Each night we got in to check on the girls and last night we went into Megan's room and by the light of my cell phone I saw this....
 I was quite confused!
All her animals were in bed but she was nowhere to be found.  The bathroom was empty, the floor was empty.
I actually started to panic for a minute...
And then I saw a foot...

 Let's just say that Megan is a very "active" sleeper - and a very deep sleeper.  She evidently fell out of bed (which happens about every night but she just climbs back in).  But last night she fell on the other side of the bed and was either sleeping so deeply, or was confused as to where she was that she just stayed there.  She actually fell on the side that has an attached desk so it was like a little tent.  She never stirred as we put her back into bed.  Let's just say that is all the confirmation we need to know that it's doubtful we would EVER let her sleep on the top bunk of her bed.

 My little 4 1/2 year old is full of spunk, energy, love, passion and emotion...
 When you get one of those hugs, it'll melt your heart!
 And although Megan and Nicole have a lot to learn about how to safely play together, Megan loves teaching Nicole new things.  Tonight she was trying to teach Nicole how to play Follow The Leader with their bikes.
 She realized, that when your 22 month old sister can't peddle the trike, perhaps you should just pass her by...
 But not without the ultimate sacrifice of sisterly love....
She left her Snowball to keep her company!
Happy Half Birthday to the best big sister!

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