Wednesday, September 7, 2011

22 Months

22 months....
seriously, 22 months ago this little angel graced our lives.

 And we haven't stopped running since!  Oh little Nicole - you are such a spitfire.  You wake up happy and smiling and giggling, and immediately run to see what sort of messes you can get into.  You seem to never stop moving and are absolutely fearless.  You LOVE your big sister and desperately want to be just like her.  Whatever she does, you think you can do too.  You are the biggest cuddle bug and will stop what you are doing just to run over for a big hug and kiss.  Then you are off again, recharged with some physical touch.  You make us laugh and smile and we love you so much.  What a blessing you are to our family - and what an absolute joy it is to watch you grow and learn.  We love you!
Nicole is growing by leaps and bounds.  I don't have official stats but I can say that she's over 30 lbs and over 32 inches long.  She's pretty much wearing 2T clothes, and some of those are a bit short on her long legs.  She loves to read!!!!  She'd sit and read all day if you had the time.  She loves puzzles and anything art.  She's started to talk up a storm.  She's still a mommy's girl and will cling to mommy a lot - but she's warming up to others and gives her daddy lots and lots of love.  Nicole has an infectious giggle and when she's in the mood, she'll charm your socks off.  She loves to eat at Moe's and Chick-fil-a.  She loves TV (her sister's influence) and especially loves any leap frog video (loves the Letter Factory) and can almost sing a couple of songs from The Fresh Beat Band (a Nick Jr show), and thinks Elmo is the best!  When she's unhappy, she can throw a temper tantrum like no other.  She has a very strong personality and is a girl who knows what she wants.   But, she also has a tender spirit and is one of the most snuggly and huggy babies.  She loves to hug her friends and tries to find ways to help out anyone that is smaller than she is.  It's super sweet to see.
We love you Nicole - you are a JOY!

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Angela said...

This is so sweet, Val! She's growing up so quickly!