Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We wish you an Ear-y Christmas

Is it a family tradition?
Do I dare call it that... I hope not!
It seems our family has carried on with a tradition that unfortunately started last Christmas....
Ear infections!

After a call at 8:30 am (soon as the office opened) to my pediatrician's office, we got an appt at 8:45 am - you should have seen me booking it over there. I was just glad to get in asap on Christmas eve! Megan politely started coughing and wheezing - so we are on the nebulizer AND on steriods again... OH NO! They said it was probably her reactive airway responding to the cold....We have a flight coming up and I'm now really concerned about flying with a toddler who's on steriods. UGH.

Then came the ear check......
The conversation went like this...
DR: Oh, that is a really bad looking ear, it's extremely infected.
ME: Oh, I was really worried about that left ear.
DR: Well that was the right ear, let me check the left one.
ME: Last week she was pulling at that right ear and I was worried it was infected, but then she stopped so I chalked it up to teething. So it is infected - great.... Yesterday evening she was having a fit about her left ear. That was the main reason we came in.
DR: That's because it is worse than the right one. It's really really really bad. If you hadn't come in, you'd probably be in the ER with a ruptured ear drum.
ME: Great - where do I pick up my parent of the year award?

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!
May you have an antibiotic, steriod and nebulizer free Christmas!


hmferrero said...

oh valerie! i'm so sorry that she has a double ear infection! that is just awful! at least you got in to see the dr in time. whew! i will pray that the antibiotics kick in super quick. did they tell you to give her the culturelle stuff for her tummy? it was easy to give him when he was eating baby food - now i never remember to give it to him and there are less opportunities to sneak it in.

Valerie said...

Yes - I have to say we are stocked with Culturelle since she's been on so many antibiotics. The one time I forgot to give it to her - I regreted it by day 2 and she was back on it day 3... It's a life saver! (or should I say bottom saver!)