Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Couch

The funniest thing happened today and I had to write it down for my own memory.

Do you know who these "folks" are??????

Megan does!

It's Loonette and Molly from the Big Comfy Couch.

Still don't know who they are? Check them out here on The Big Comfy Couch YouTube link.

We randomly happened upon an episode (12:00 on PBS) one day when I needed a minute to get Megan's lunch fixed... Let's just say, Megan is a HUGE Molly fan (that's the dolly). She could start her own "Molly Fan Club." We usually aren't around a tv to watch it so it's rare for her to see an episode (although I did just find it on our free on-demand shows), but she's soaked up what she has seen and remembers it very vividly!

For example... tonight we went out to dinner with my family after our church Christmas Concert (I forgot the camera and missed her excitment as she saw Daddy on stage). The restaurant we went to had a huge couch. Megan climbed up on it and started trying to pull something out of it (there was nothing in the couch). But on The Big Comfy Couch, that's where Loonette stores all her stuff. Megan was digging under the cushions asking for a book. I was so confused until she started babbling about Molly. Then I realized she was looking for a book the way that Loonette looks for a book.

How stinkin cute is that!?!?

Also reminds me that she is a sponge right now and is remembering a lot more than I would give her credit for. What a fun time to watch her grow!

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