Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Serious Arm Strength

At our little gym class at the local park, Megan's instructors have been amazed at how strong she is. This is not news to me.... I have had battles with her over things she's not allowed to grab, and prying her fingers open is no small task. At halloween she tried to pick up pumpkins, and actually got a few off the ground. I know she's strong! I have had my battles with that cute little hulk.

In class, she'll hang from the uneven and parallel bars - just hang there and pull her legs up and point them straight in front of her. It's pretty amazing I must say. Last week one of the teachers swung her in that position and Megan never let go - she loved it! (Not only does she have great arm strength, she's also a hanger... some climb, Megan will hang onto anything - side of a table, tree branch, you name it).

Tom really got a taste of her arm strength when he tried to pick her up at lunchtime. Megan wasn't ready to eat and wanted to sit and read in her chair a little while longer.... Note that grasp she has on the chair as it hangs in the air below her....
Of course, at first she was upset, but once the camera came out - she realizes she was cute and put on the smile.

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