Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello Baby!

Megan is enamored with a new little friend... Lynley.
This week we had the pleasure of watching Lynley for a bit - and Megan was beside herself with excitement. Prior to Lynley's arrival - I went downstairs and pulled out some of our baby gear from storage. Megan was in hog heaven. She put her babydolls in the swing and bouncy seat.. and then thought - hey, that used to be mine.....
Yes in the split second that I did turn around, she somehow climbed into the baby swing. I think she realized she was in trouble when she couldn't silently get out. I have no idea what the weight limit is on that thing - but I'm pretty sure she's over the limit!

As soon as Lynley arrived, Megan wanted to make sure she tried out the swing (after all, I'd just spent an hour telling her it was for little babies like Lynley, not for big girls). Lynley prefered the baby papasan vibrating seat. Megan wanted to make sure she was all comfy so she was prepared to get the pacifier in her mouth (even if Lynley really didn't want it).

We had a lot of fun with Lynley - and Megan is now asking for Lynley to come over to play. Poor Lynley.... she doesn't know what she's in for.

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