Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Watching Mommy Cook

I have a fabulous helper in the kitchen!
She loves to watch me cook....
Megan likes to be in on the action. No matter what I'm doing, she always has recommendations as to how to make it better. She'll walk up, grab my legs, demand to be held up (or want to drag a chair over), and then the "help" arrives... She has a good helpful vocabulary when it comes to the kitchen.... It goes something like this:
stir, cut, spoon it, cook, beep beep (that's Meganese for microwave), light, oven...
She has a hard time understanding why some things go on the stove to cook, and some go in the oven.

All that said... you'd think I actually cooked a lot. Yeah, not so much I have to say. I'm trying to do better and manage my time better - but it's a struggle. Especially with my little helper always on my heels. The first sound of a pan and she's in there. Makes cooking a little challenging.

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