Monday, December 15, 2008

Our First Ballet

We had a fun and unique field trip today. We got to go see my neice, Anna, in her ballet class. Anna is the cutie in the green Christmas sweater.

Today was their Christmas party so family was invited to watch them in their class. So adorable! It's a really neat dance school. It's Christian oriented with a motto of Discipling through Dance. As they teach the kids, there is also character development going on. For example, in the video at the end, they are learning to skip and they go in pairs - the rest of the kids have the job of being encourager's (and the song they use is about encouragement). It's really cute to see the kids learning skills while praising God.

Megan loved all the dancing. She really wanted to get down and join them. At one point they were on the floor doing some foot exercises and practicing foot movements and Megan was kicking me as she tried to imitate what they were doing. It was painfully sweet.

The girls did such a great job (way to go Anna!) and didn't seem to be overwhelmed by the parents and grandparents (and aunt and cousin). They end the class with a dance of praise and worship. As the teacher described to the parents.... with the classes, sometimes as the girls get older they lose the joy of just dancing because they want to be told what to do and are used to moves being choreographed. So they end all their classes by turning off the lights and letting the girls have their own song to dance however they want to Worship the Lord. You'll see it at the end of the video clip - it was precious.

Now I just wish this place wasn't so far away so that one day Megan could go there.... I'll have to start looking around for something similar.

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Marianna said...

Oh, the fun of having a girl. I will try not to be jealous...