Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy 21 Months!

I can't believe that Megan is actually 21 months. I remember a few months back I was watching some "older kids" (21-22 months) and seeing how much more "stuff" they could do than Megan and wondering when she'd start doing those things.... the day has come.

Tom and I sneeked up on her this weekend and just watched her play. I cannot begin to tell you how much joy there was in silently and secretly watching her. We have entered into the phase of true make believe. For as long as I can remember Megan's always tried to mimic our actions, especially with her dolls and stuffed animals (especially Elmo), but this weekend I realized she had taken it to a new level.

She's setting up tea parties.... what a little girl!

Let me set the stage properly.... see those chairs. I peeked in (wondering why she was so quiet and what mess she was getting into) and she had the doll in the blue chair with a cup, plate and DQ ice cream sandwich (as all parties should have), and a waffle to share. She had her yellow chair set up with the same things. But then the "problem" materialized.... she couldn't figure out how to sit in her chair without knocking everything off.

So then she reset up the tea party on the floor. That alone was so stinkin cute... then she proceeded to pretend to eat and drink and then feed her babydoll. And they shared the waffle - one got a bite, then the other....

I tell you what - makes a momma's heart melt and eyes tear up. I sure do love that little girl!

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Suzanna said...

I can totally relate to watching your child do what other people would see as just regular behavior and think it is the most beautiful, endearing thing in the world.

That tea party was C-U-T-E!f