Monday, December 8, 2008

That's Babysitting?

This weekend, I left a sick Tom home with a cute little girl while I went to a baby shower. I got home and found that this is how Tom keeps Megan under control while I'm gone...So.... that's the secret - contain and confine! And of course, let her invite a few friends over (that would be Tickle Me Elmo and Baby Elmo).

And when they start to get a little ancy - just take them for a little ride....Out of all the toys in the house, Megan's new favorite toy is our clothes basket. And when Daddy got tired.... she took over as the chauffeur for her friends. What a little hostess - making sure everyone was having a good time. Out of all the toys in our house - Megan's newest favorite toy is our clothes basket. I can't keep clothes in there. I was getting ready this morning and Megan was in the closet trying to climb in the basket. And when she realized she needed more room... she just took the clothes out - after all - it's hers... right????

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Sandy P said...

My kids have both loved laundry baskets. I use to put Carson in one before he could walk to keep him in one spot. Now, he uses them as a train. He also loves to get under them and play "turtle." Macie loves to be creative with them too. I say you go buy a few more. We have 3 and it does not seem to be enough. I guess it could be that I always have laundry!