Monday, October 20, 2008

When did she learn to do that?

That has been a question we've been asking ourselves a lot lately.

Megan is at that age when suddenly she can do something that she couldn't do yesterday. How did that happen? Tom's asked me a lot, "Did you teach her to do that?" and I wish I could take the credit, but most of the time she suddenly just starts doing something.

Something like this....

A week or so ago, she hauled her sit and spin into the kitchen (that was a task and a sight to behold because it's as big as she is), and sat down and just started spinning herself. She's always loved it. It was actually a gift that I gave one of my nephews several years back and now it's been handed down and back to our household (yipee for hand me downs!)

In the past, she would sit on it (with help) and I would spin her around and around and around.... but now she can do it on her own - and she'll tell you that too - so don't be thinking about lending a helping hand, she'll have none of that!!!

It's just so funny - I wonder, how did she figure out she could do it on her own? So if you are looking for a good Christmas gift for a little toddler you know... this is the one that Megan recommends.

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Uncle Dan said...

I can't believe how much you've learned, Megan. In June I had to hold on to you AND make it spin. Now you are doing all of it yourself. Way to go, Munchkin!