Sunday, October 19, 2008

This past week (before it got chilly) we started to carve our pumpkin. It got late and dark so we didn't get it done in one sitting (and it's still sitting on our table, un-faced). But here's how the project started.

First, Megan had to give the pumpkin a good once over to make sure it was truly to her liking.

When we cut the top off, she was very interested in the seeds stuck to the top (sort of goes with her acorn fascination).
She wasn't sure about what all was inside. But had to get a closer look.
For me, it was so fun. It was like having one of my fun teaching days again. Every year we would have a pumpkin day and would estimate how many seeds were in there, count them, do all sorts of fun pumpkin experiments and of course, eat the seeds. It makes me excited about the days when Megan is old enough to do some of those things. But even at her young age, we had a blast. OK - I did, she wasn't quite sure what to think of that orange stringy stuff.She did get brave and stick her hand in (once).Of course she got into it in other ways. Her job was to get the seeds (off my hand) and put them in our container. Just when I would think we were done, she would suddenly find a seed that was still inside the pumpkin. Good to have an eagle eye like Megan on the job.And of course, once we were done... it's time to start thinking about roasting some pumpkin seeds! YUM!
So our nameless, faceless pumpkin will hopefully get a face in the next day or so... That's actually my goal for tomorrow. We'll see if we get to it.

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