Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Dearest Husband,

Happy Anniversary! It is so hard to believe we've been married for 5 amazing years. Truely the past 5 years have held a lot for us. We've encountered so many challenges and blessings on this journey. When we walked down that aisle 5 years ago, we had no idea where we would be at this point in our lives. Would we be in GA or ND? Would be have kids? Would each day still be as wonderful as that special day?
And here we are... 5 years into our journey with this beautiful blessing!

Each and every day with you is a dream come true. God has given us a wonderful life together and hearts that desire to savor each moment, knowing that is passes to quickly and that it will soon be a precious memory. Now not only do have the blessing of having you as my husband, but each day I get to see you with Megan and think, God gave you to her and her to you! Your hugs and bathtimes and giggle-fests just make me fall in love with you more and more each day.

This is a journey.... and we are only 5 years into it. I wonder where will we be in 5 more?Even though this first 5 has thrown us some curve balls and we've had stresses in our lives - bizarre illnesses, tumors, wondering if we'd be parents.... your faith, comfort and support has always reminded me that we are not in this alone. I love that we are a cord of 2 stands, united by Christ - our 3rd... and we will not break!

Thank you my sweetheart!

Happy Anniversary!

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Marianna said...

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the comment and prayers. We are hanging in there. Vance is still sick, but he's not worse, which is a blessing.