Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweeen

Super Girl got together with some of her other crime fighting friends (sort of)...

Megan and Super Chicken along with our neighborhood policeman and a bad guy, turned good for the night, "Bubba Fett" (as he called himself - If you don't know who he is - think Star Wars figure from the deep south) hung out for awhile. I know I felt safer knowing that Super Girl was on the job keeping our street safer for the real trick-or-treaters.
Megan got a lesson in how to raid a candy dish (of candy that she can't even eat).

Our little feathery friend taught Megan the wonders of "nerds."

Now the real treat of the night... The older boys next door got to catch a ride on a neighborhood wagon pulled by a lawn tractor.

Hopefully you can see it in the background - with Super Girl and Super Chicken in the double stroller alongside. The wagon was filled with about 20 kids. What a hoot. It was a great way to meet our neighbors. Maybe one year when the littlest tykes are older, they too will get to ride with the tractor.

But for tonight - I think they enjoyed just sitting back and enjoying the ride. Who am I kidding - Megan was in and out of that stroller more times than I could count. Let's say sitting still is not her strong suite. Or perhaps, she just anticipated danger and wanted to be unharnessed and ready to jump into action..... maybe???

The bizarre part... there are trucks and trucks of kids in our neighborhood. I always wondered why we had no trick or treaters. We are in a huge neighborhood and it just didn't make sense. I asked one of the other parents I met how many tricker-or-treaters they have normally and she said about 100.... Last year, we had our doorbell ring 4 times. I now know the reason... our specific location - they turn the corner before they get to us. Even the tractor that had our next door neighbors on it didn't come see us this year (they did last year). I'm sad on one hand because we miss the action - on the other hand... woohoo! This year we had NOBODY come by - I left out a bowl of candy while we were out socializing and it hadn't been touched. I'm thinking I've just saved myself a lot of money by not needing to buy Halloween candy in the future!


Whitlamy said...

A Super cute super girl!!

hmferrero said...

i'm glad you had so much fun. was she cold after the sun went down??

we didn't end up giving jacob albuterol this morning. if it were me, i would have given it to him. but walter got up when he was coughing and he just settled him down & after a few minutes he stopped coughing. i really think jacob just has bad allergies, and not asthma. i have never heard him wheeze at all. but i will keep giving him the pulmicort every day just in case.