Friday, October 31, 2008

A little help for a friend

Yesterday, I had to be at church to help decorate for a Women's Ministry event so Megan got some time in the nursery. She had fun - unfortunatly, the 3 kids she bit might not have had such a great time. :^( Anyone got any ideas on how to stop this little chomper. She's working on getting her 2nd molars. When she's teething seems to be when she reverts back to biting. UGH! It's not malicious biting... she's not biting because they have a toy she wants or she's mad - They'll be happily playing next "together" and she just picks up their hands and sticks them in her mouth... why they don't catch on to her game and just snatch their hands away is still beyond me. I know it's just a stage - but so far nothing we've tried has seemed to make a difference.

At any rate.... we left church late and I had to run to get Megan food before she either melted down, or fell asleep with food in her mouth. I called my friend who lives down the street from the church and fortunately she was just about to feed her little one. So Megan got another super treat and she got to eat lunch with Will.

What a little helper....

Thanks to everyone who came out to here Sherri speak- I hope you had a great time!

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