Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scarecrows in the Garden

This past week we had a fun playdate excursion to the Botanical Gardens. They had a fun exhibit called "Scarecrows in the Garden". We had a great time. It was totally worth the visit and I can't wait to take Megan back. Megan and Will finding their favorite pumpkins

Sarah Michelle prefered the green ones.

Going down the slide in the Kids Garden area...

And of course, it wouldn't be Scarecrows in the Garden without some scarecrows!

The Kids Garden was super cute and even had Mr. MacGregors Garden Patch (for those non-classical readers - that would be from Peter Rabbit).

My little bunny rabbit!

Megan's favorite scarecrow was the "Jim Henson" scarecrow - She had a love/hate (or should I say a love/terror) relationship with those birds.

Hen ride anyone?

Megan even got a cow ride. Note the toothbrush the cow is holding... it was extremely fascinating for everyone!Megan thought for sure that she should brush her teeth with that enormous toothbrush.

At the end of the Children's Garden, the girls decided they would start a pumpkin drum band.

And all that was just in one section of the gardens - the Children's Garden. I highly recommend a visit if you live nearby! I can't wait to go in the spring/summer and let Megan romp in their spray fountains.
I pulled out all the tricks to keep a tired girl awake on the ride home - even though she loves eating apples, not even that could keep her awake.

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