Sunday, October 12, 2008


To most, it may sound like the oddest thing to blog about. But... you know you've hit a new phase of eating when....

You can hand your child a sandwich - an actual sandwich, not little bits that you've torn or cut off... but the old fashioned triangles of a sandwich - more than 1 bite pieces of a sandwich. Megan is a peanut butter queen. She LOVES peanut butter sandwiches - takes after here mom on that one. I think I survived most of the first 6-7 years of my life on peanut butter (no joke - thanks for putting up with me, Mom and Dad). It makes it nice and easy when we are having a picnic at the park - just make a PB sandwich, grab a fruit cup and go. Grilled Cheese are a good 2nd fall back.

I have to say we are so fortunate that Megan is a better eater than I ever was (I wasn't kidding about me surviving on PB sandwiches - I wouldn't eat anything else - literally, nothing else. Unconvinced, ask me about the 2 day green pea standoff at my grandmothers house! Or about the school calling my parents DAILY because I wouldn't eat anything.) But Megan is a good eater. This morning she pretty much ate my whole breakfast. Silly me thinking that 1 piece of turkey bacon, several bites of scrambled eggs, and a small piece of french toast would be enough for her. Vegetables are the only thing that is a challenge to get in her. She's a true toddler in that what she likes one day, she may not like the next - but so far she'll still eat something of what we eat at a meal and there haven't been any major battles yet (yeah, I know they are probably coming - but let me live in this peaceful state of denial for awhile).

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hmferrero said...

missed you today at the shower! glad she is done with the steroids too. that sounds awful.