Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Incredible Pumpkin Trail

It's a beautiful, warm, and sunny fall day - a great day to go find the Incredible Pumpkin Trail. We loaded up Megan and Will and went off for our fall adventure - directions in hand. It was cute... and the "Incredible Pumpkin Trail" was incredibly small. The trail was really more like a cluster of cutely decorated pumpkins. Some schools, moms clubs, and other groups decorated pumpkin theme groups.
But still, the kids liked the pumpkins (and the rocks on the ground).
And it helped us get in the fall spirit (which is good since I saw on the weather that next week the lows will be in the 30's... bbbbbrrrrrr).
It was so exciting, that we had to take a little rest break.... or perhaps that was Megan's food coma setting in after our picnic lunch and romp on the playground.
The true highlight of the outing - Megan and Will's first train!
The Pumpkin Trail was at a train depot so we got a good look (and listen) to the train.
A good outing with a good friend deserves a good hug!
It evidently was a good outing because both our little pumpkins crashed on the way home.
Tressa and Will, thanks for being so spontaneous with us today - we had a great adventure.

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