Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weekend Festivities

This weekend was full of celebrations.
Happy Birthday Kenny! We got to go celebrate Kenny's 3rd birthday. Megan is trying to sneak out the gifts she liked.

Then later on Saturday we were off to celebrate a belated birthday with Grandma.
After dinner out we went back to Grandma's house and Megan got to practice some "fork skills" on a little chocolate cake. Lets just say she acted like she'd been eating with a fork her whole life. Now I know the trick to get her to eat with utensils.... cake.
All the grandkids wanted to help open up presents.
Uncle Kevin and Anna made sure Megan was happy and occupied.
And just because Saturday was over doesn't mean the fun stopped!!!!! On Saturday we got to visit with some out of town friends - Renee, Cory and Nate (We have 2 Nate's in our lives) who were in town from TN. The little kids (Megan, Nate and Andrew) got to bounce in the jumpy house while the bigger kids supervised (Amber and Cory).
Megan decided she'd impress dad by working on some golf type lessons with a rousing round of croquet.
Last time we had everyone together none of the kids were walking - now they were all over the place.
Megan is about 2 1/2 months younger than the boys (Nate and Andrew are just a few weeks apart) so it's cute to watch them play together. They were all about trying to get the Elefun game to work.
It was time to leave and Megan decided taht as a thank you she would take care of mowing the grass...
It took us a long time to actually say goodbye because Megan was mowing her heart out - that is until she saw the dog across the street.

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