Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mommy's little helper

You go girl! It's all about training them up young! We have to really watch what we say around Megan now. She's listening so intently (even when we don't realize it) and trying to say lots of things (some we get, some we don't). If at any point in time anyone in the house says these words.... "go, outside, leave, shopping, trip, car" or anything in the family of those words - Megan hops up, runs to the kitchen, and grabs her bag - she's ready to go.
Then she'll say "bye bye" to everything and everyone in her way to get back to the door (if she thinks you are following her). One day I casually said, "Today we are going grocery shopping." Megan disappeared and after a minute I went to see what trouble she was getting into - and she was in the kitchen with the bag over her shoulder (if she can't get her bag, she'll try to get my purse, which is heavy and a real sight to see) trying to get the door to the garage open (which thankfully she can't really reach yet).

She's like her mom - I may be a stay-at-home mom, but we are not at home a lot.


hmferrero said...

that story before this was just awful. i'm so sorry.

i hope all your doorknobs are the round ones. we have the lever type, and jacob's been able to open them for months. so we have to lock the ones that go outside, and we have a few others that are baby-proofed with these locks that screw into the top of the door frame.

The Broken Man said...

Oh, that's cute! At least you don't have to carry the bags!

The Broken man