Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Needing a little prayer

I hate when I post things that are "downers" - but sometimes you just need to know that people you know and love are praying for you and ones in your lives. So if you don't want to feel sad or just don't need a "downer" today - stop reading. I'll post something a little happier in a minute. But right now - here's my heart...

One of Tom's co-workers - who's like a little brother to him - just lost his wife today. This is one of the sweetest couples with adorable boys. They have a great love story. He waited quite awhile to marry this "angel" and had to wait on visa's and such for her to come to the US. They got married shortly after we did. Fast forward till now... She was preganant and had some significant complications to put her on bed rest at 20 weeks, at 29 weeks she was admitted to the hospital (last week) and today at 30 weeks she gave birth to a little boy. He's doing ok in the NICU - 3 lbs, 11oz. A little while later, her condition deteriorated and she ended up in emergancy surgery and did not make it.

In a single day, our friend experienced an amazing gain and a heart wrenching loss. An amazing little miracle was born, and the love of his life passed away. Now he is a single dad with 3 boys to raise (6, 4, and a preemie). Please pray for this sweet family. I cannot in my limited mind grasp what has happened. I am still in shock and can't quite reign in the tears or overwhelming grief and sadness that I feel - I cannot imagine what he is feeling. Tonight I held Megan a little tighter, hugged Tom a little longer, and prayed so feverently for this family. I ask that you will do the same! Just pray what the Lord leads you to pray!

Tom and I are in shock and just can't imagine this has really happened. I so wish I'd wake up and it would just be a dream. But it's a reminder - this life we live..... cherish the moments you have with those amazingly special people in your life. Tell them you love them - show them - remind them. Don't let a day pass without smiling and sharing kindness. This life is fleeting - somtimes too fleeting. And as you stop to hug or call someone you love.... lift up a prayer for a little family who needs to feel and see God's hand guiding them and providing for their every need.

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Suzanna said...

Val, my heart aches for this family. I am glad Tom's friend has him, and I think it is great you are going there to be with them.

After hearing the news earlier tonight, I loved on my family a little extra as well.