Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kitty Cats

We ended out trip to MN with a trip back to the cities and some time with Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawn. Which of course means lots of time terrorizing Bebe, Buddy and her best friend Bear.

Megan gave Bear lots of kisses....
And more kisses....
And more kisses....
And occasionally, left Bear a little reminder of her kisses. (Note the cracker crumbs she lovingly slobbered on him above the eye on the right)
We love you Bear.... Thanks for putting up with all of Megan's passionate hugs and kisses!

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Dawn said...

Miss Megan,

I wanted to let you know that your bestest friend, Bear, is imitating one of your favorite pass times during your visit to Minnesota. His new thing every evening is for us to go out so he can chase crickets in the grass (we don't have too many grasshoppers at our house, so crickets have to do)! I think he's doing it because he misses you, too!

We love you!

Uncle Tony, Auntie Dawn, Halee, Bebe, Bear and Buddy