Thursday, August 14, 2008

Need a prayer

(sad alert!!! Sorry it's so heartwrenching to me that I can't write about this without the emotion coming out. So skip to the post below if you can't handle sad today. But I hope you'll pray with me!)
If you read my earlier post about our friends, I have a couple of other requests to add to the mix...

1. Pray for Baby Branden - he's 10 weeks premature and has devloped a bacterial infection - amazingly he is off the ventilator but still has a huge battle ahead.
2. Please pray for Bryan and his boys as they grieve, and for his wife's family to be able to get here without any problems (they are dealing with Visa's).
3. The funeral will be next week and the family has to leave the baby during this time - after the dust settles from that (the funeral and the planning) - pray that all of Bryan's friends and family will know how to rally around him to help him as he faces the dauting task of mourning the love of this life while raising 3 boys who just want their mommmy. Pray for those boys. I can't think too much about it because I just start crying all over again - so may the Holy Spirit intercede!

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