Thursday, August 28, 2008


It's good to be in MN in the summer - when you can actually get outside to explore. We had a couple of windy days - which Megan loved. She just giggles and opens her mouth and lets the wind fly in. Papa has lots of flowers. Megan loved smelling each one.
There were also hundreds of grasshoppers and crickets (I am not exagerating) hopping around. So every day we went out to let Megan hunt for some. A funny site.... multiple adults trying to stir up grasshoppers for a little girl.
Once they got stirred up... the chase was on! And let me say that Megan had an amazing knack for catching those quick little guys. I have a video of that to post later.
After exploring the yard, we headed to Lake Superior (which is basically across the street and past the golf course).
Papa and Megan went on a rock hunt looking for agates and sea glass (Ok, maybe they were just looking at the rocks and I was the one hunting for specifics - now that I know what they are).
And there was a lot of driftwood - and you know how Megan loves a good stick.
We ended the day with a visit from some family friends.
Megan served up some tea for Barb and Grandma. (I can't believe she's old enough to have a tea party - sniff sniff).
And Barb gave Megan a fun book - of which she still loves the doggie tongue.

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