Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Breakwater

While in MN we spent lots of time outside, which of course is Megan's favorite place to be. We heard some boats were coming into the harbor (on Lake Superior) so we headed to the breakwater to check it out.

Daddy, Megan, and Grandma with the boat behind them.
Megan loved the safety ropes.
Back to the car with a ride on my shoulders. Behind us, to the left, is the light house.

Once we got home - Grandma gave Megan one of the special cookies she had made just for her. Megan loved it, of course. Then Megan wanted to make sure everyone knew how the kitty cat's ate their food (flashbacks to her new friends Bebe, Buddy and Bear).... either that, or she just liked looking at herself in the metal tray. (your guess is as good as mine)

Sidenote - this was the same highchair that Tom used when he was a little tyke.

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Leslie L. said...

I LOVE that she ate her cookie sitting in Tom's old high chair! What a cutie.