Monday, August 11, 2008

This past week Megan lent me a hand in the kitchen. She is always interested in what is going on above her eye level. "Interested" is probably too kind a word. How about if I'm making noise up there and she can't see what it is, she throws an absolute fit! But for the sake of this blog we'll just say she's "interested".... (note the chewed on apple on the counter - that would be Megan's - she is getting 4 teeth at the same time and is a bit grumpy..... she loves chomping on apples right now).

She was a pro with the food processor. She can't get to the blade, or get the cover off, so it was safe to let her push the buttons to make it grind everything up. She loved it. She loved it so much so that she got so excited that she fell off the step stool....... Oh dear. I caught her in mid fall but lets just say it scared both of us to a fare ye well.
After a few minutes of crying (for both of us), Megan recovered.... especially when she reached over my shoulder and grabbed what was on the counter...

Which was....

an oreo.... (we were making Oreo Balls)

Needless to say - she liked it!

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Sandy P said...

My kids faces always look like that! I think Carson stores food in his mouth so he can get it on his face as soon as I wipe it!