Monday, February 11, 2008

What no one ever tells you (about lunch)...

When you have a baby, you quickly realize that there are so many things that no one ever told you about. How could they, there are so many things to learn... but still, seems like there needs to be certain warnings posted at each stage of development.

For example, we are in the "I want to feed myself" stage. Wow, that's an interesting place to be. There are days that I wonder if Megan has actually consumed anything of nutritional value. Now that she is rejecting baby food over "real people food", it makes breakfast, lunch, and dinner very very time consuming. You see there are some things she loves, and some she hates. I did learn early on in the feeding process that when a baby clinches her jaw, you would have a next to impossible time trying to pry it open to get food in there.

Are you thinking... what do you mean that this is an interesting place to be? How is it time consuming... oh let me not tell you, let me show you...

Note the face covered in food (she loves chicken and lasagna) and the food stuck to the inside of her hand - I think it's chicken, a bit of banana and maybe a green bean. (feeling hungry yet?)

As you can see, she's enjoying it to the last drop. That would be yogurt mixed with fruit baby food dripping down her chin. Yogurt is the one food that I'm guaranteed that she'll still let me feed her. We mix one container of YoBaby with one container of fruit and split it into thirds so she has a little at each meal.

There is that hand.... green bean anyone?

And let me just say that Megan does still like baby food green beans - but she is not a fan of "real" green beans. I put 3 on her tray and she ate them all (or so I thought). I was so impressed that I gave her more. I thought we were over the green bean issue (we try them several times a week, but no luck liking them yet).

And then... she turned her head... I realized, she hadn't eaten them -she'd simply mushed them into the back of her head.

Lovely.... Now I bet you are really hungry - and perhaps craving green beans????!!!

For all the "ick" of the lunchtime process - Megan certainly does have a good time. And she actually does eat well... just not real people fruits and veggies (except for peas, bananas, and some occasional broccoli). Although I'm not sure how much actually gets in her mouth.

Very interesting huh....

Oh time consuming... well with a green bean in our hair, lasagna all over the face and hands, random banana in the ear.... it's time for a bath.

And just think - in 5 hours, we eat dinner! Yummo!

(of course all this doesn't include getting lunch ready, cleaning up from lunch, getting food off the floor, and giving the highchair a good washing - notice her hand gripping the side of the chair - what did I do with all that time before she started feeding herself, and what's it going to be like when she actually tries to use a spoon... oh dear, another stage to conquer)


Whitlamy said...

Wow, you're brave. I'm by no means a neat freak. Anyone that knows me and sees my bedroom can attest to that. But, I've always had this aversion to food messiness. You'll never find dirty dishes around our house and our kitchen is virtually always clean. And most of all, I can't STAND to have food on my hands. Thus I eat many, many foods (like pizza, brownies, etc.) with a fork and knife. If Michael gets food on his hands, I can't relax until he wipes it off...ALL off. So, poor Bryce. He's in for a neat freak feeding time (i.e. He'll have to learn hand coordination some other way because "ain't no way I can deal with that messiness"). With me feeding him baby food alone, I already use about 5+ baby wipes each feeding and have a bib that fits on him like a shirt. So, I wish I could relax during feeding time like you...probably makes for some memorable experiences.

hmferrero said...

that is too funny & painfully true.

and amy - you are in for a life-changing experience if you think you can get bryce to eat without making a mess. ha! i'd like to see how if you can do it.