Monday, February 25, 2008


(this is the 2nd post of the day - so be sure to check out the first one)
Or, Jeronimo Jumps as the case may be. Megan and I met up with some friend earlier today for a fun outing. If you read my earlier post you'll know she slept late and I didn't know if we would make it. We did and Megan had a blast. OK, so I had a blast too...

If you are in the Atlanta area and are looking for something fun to do with toddlers or crawlers (or bigger kids), I highly recommend it. They have 3 rooms which made it perfect for us. One room was a 2 and under room - it had soft shapes to crawl over, under, around, and different toys, and little ride on/rocker animals. Megan was in heaven. She could just GO and I wasn't worried she'd get hurt. Some of our friends... Abby, Eli, and Toby - all enjoying the fun soft shapes to crawl over.

Megan and Sarah Michelle.
Megan especially enjoyed playing peek-a-boo as she crawled through a long tube.
The other rooms included a room for 3 year olds that had one jumpy house in it and other toys (with chairs and couchs for moms in all of them), and the big room with all the other inflatables in it. Moms can jump with the little ones. Megan and I attacked a couple of the slides.
Did I mention that I had a blast also. The hardest part was figuring out how to climb up the slides while holding onto Megan. But it was fun.
Most of our friends had to head out a bit after we arrived. But since we got there late, we stayed. Our friends Nancy and Sarah Michelle stayed and played with us. We literally were the only ones there. The kids had the run of the place!They got to take a tour in a 2-seater wagon, and loved their double airplane ride.
It was such a nice day today that we had the place all to ourselves because everyone else was outside enjoying the mild winter day... we did that later. But you know, there are only so many leaves that you can allow your baby to eat - so the indoor activity was great!

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