Friday, February 15, 2008

Things that make me smile

I was at a local consignment store early this week and saw a TMX Elmo. It was a steal compared to how much he costs in the stores and Megan saw him and loved it immediately (without batteries). I was leary because my friend Holly got one for her son and he was scared of him initially. But he was so inexpensive, I couldn't pass it up. So I got home cleaned him up really good, put some batteries in and waited for Megan to wake up from her nap.

She LOVED him. He started laughing and moving and falling over and Megan just attacked him with a scream of glee! She can't figure how how to make him move so she grabs him, throws him down, points and grunts at me (Megan speak for Mommy, please please make him giggle and move around). It's been a new fun spot in our day.

Slurping noodles... I love to watch it (Mess and all) because Megan is so funny doing it. She'll grab a noodle, slurp it in, and then make lip smacking noises. Hey, some days get long and I need a humor break.

We had a playdate this week. So fun. Someone said I was stacking the cards in Megan's favor... all boys and Megan. Hey.... all good little bachlors and all on Tom's short list of acceptable future boyfriends!
Nate and Andrew
Megan and Nate - something's come between us....
And Will - having a great time wooing Megan with his jumping ability.

And one of my favorite...static hair girl. Megan loves holding onto our recliner and rocking it. One day when she was really really fussy, I sort of threw her into it (she loves to jump on pillows) and she loved it. Now it's a daily ritual to throw her (that sounds so much more violent than it is) into the chair and she rocks and rocks and then turns herself over and rolls out into my arms only to point to want to be flung back into the chair..

WELL - all that fun stuff and this week has just somehow flown by. I'm having the hardest time getting anything accomplished. I think the root of the issue is that Megan just doesn't like playing alone. I can get her interested in something and she'll play by herself for a short time (like 10 minutes) but not long enough to do anything - like get dishes in the dishwasher (because then she wants to climb in and help pull things out), or clothes in the washer (our laundry room is seriously not babyproofed!), and no way can I get dinner cooked before Tom gets home. Megan hears any noise - water running, stove fan on, something cooking and she want's in on the action. I love it because it's so cute to see how fascinated she is with the world.. but I'm also coming to a new realization that I'm just in a new stage of life where everything seems to be left half done....

Everything except raising Megan. That's the trade off. Everything else has gone to the back burner for her. A worth investment and wonderful trade UP. But a shock to my organized, check it off the list personality type. Maybe one day I'll adjust... until then. I'll just have some fun, make some laughs, and enjoy every moment with Megan and hope Tom doesn't get sick of a not clean house or not fancy and exciting food. Although I must say here that for Valentines Day I made us crab legs (after Megan went to bed). It was my first attempt at making them at home - so fun and easy, it'll become a more regular habit.

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