Friday, February 22, 2008

All clear

(This is the second post today so keep reading)

Well our visit to the Dr ended in the good news that Megan's ears are clear. I know she's teething so we are chalking up the waking up and the finger in the ear to that.

The bad news, she was wheezing. If you remember a previous post when we took her in and she had RSV - I had to give her a breathing treatment in the office and it was quite a sight. Once again, she was wheezing enough (that started when she woke up from her morning nap so I was glad I had made the appointment) that they suggested doing a treatment in the office. Well, I learned my lesson and approached it differently this time and although Megan still didn't like it - she was a champ and put up with it and I walked away without any injuries.

The little pumpkin is doing well and is currently napping. May it be a long and peaceful sleep for her!

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