Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sick baby update

What a day. We had a great time celebrating Justin's (my nephew) birthday. Always great to have that family time. Megan was a trooper. You could tell she didn't feel well but she was still as cute as ever - especially when trying to chase Avery, the cat. She hasn't eaten very well all day. We ended up feeding her dinner early because she was fussy and she had not eaten much at lunch. She still didn't eat much but it helped her mood. Then about an hour later, Tom and I were eating our dinner....

Have to stop there and tell you about our dinner. I got out one of the cookbooks Tom's mom gave me when we got married, and whipped up a "spaghetti hotdish" (a hot dish is a casserole for all the southerners). I haven't been brave enough to whip up the "tater tot hotdish" - I'll have to save that for a special occasion. :^)

... back to dinner.... Well basically we were eating a spaghetti pie, and Megan acted like she wanted some. I don't know if the tylenol had kicked in and knocked out her temp or what, but she devoured my spaghetti. It was good to see her appetite kick back up again. We put her down early tonight because it was obvious she was sooooo tired and still didn't feel good. Don't know what we will do about tomorrow and going to church. Megan definitely hasn't been fever free for 24 hours and still is coughing really badly so she's not going to the nursery. I do hope she wakes up feeling so much better.

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