Monday, February 25, 2008

One day she'll kill me for this one

We have had a rough transition from the baby tub to the real bathtub. It's still not a great experience. Megan loves the water, but she LOVED her baby tub. But when she can stand up in it, it's time for a transition.... At any rate, it hasn't been easy for her (or for us).
This was back in December... we knew she needed to go to the big tub (she was 9 months old here) but she so loved her tub and being able to play with that fun baby who took a bath at the same time she did.

We've found 2 things that seem to help.

1. let her help get the bath ready. She loves watching it fill up and listening to the water. Megan is very inquisitive so if she hears the water turn on she'll crawl in there as fast as she can to see what's going on. She likes to help throw her toys in the water.

2. Blowing bubbles during the bath. The bubbles seem to take her mind off the fact that she's in a huge tub. The toys will keep her occupied for about 4 minutes and the bubbles for a few more - enough to get her hair washed. I'll have to update this with a picture of her trying to catch the bubbles.
What I need to do is figure out how to put a mirror in there so that she can talk to herself and feel like she's not so alone. Unfortunately, I don't think any overnight guests would appreciate a mirror in the shower with them....

Last night I went to check on her and I found her all cuddled up with snowball, her bear. It was so cute I had to snap a photo. What a sweet memory to hold onto as she grows up.

As for a health update... she seems to be much much better today. She hasn't really had any major coughing spells. I was planning on joining some friends today at one of the inflatable playrooms - but Megan is still sleeping (and we were supposed to meet up 30 minutes ago). With her getting over whatever she had, I definitely don't want to wake her up. Yesterday I did note that she's getting another tooth (#5) - one of the bottom teeth. It hasn't broken through yet, but you can see it. I'm sure that's played a role in her fussiness and ear poking as well.


Sandy P said...

Have you or Tom tried getting in the bath with her. We have a big tub so it is easy. Both ours have loved it.
Macie also enjoys taking a shower. She will get in with Carson and have a blast!

hmferrero said...

Walter had to get in the tub with Jacob also. He wore his swimsuit and put Jakey in his lap. Then after a week Jacob was ok to get in there without Daddy.

He has just started really liking the shower in the last week or two with his bad cold. It's a little slippery in there until they can stand up really well. Unless you bring a non-slip mat in there with you.

Whitlamy said...

We're all for co-bathing periodically, but just be careful. Read our site to see what can happen!!