Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Driving in Style!

Her first car!
Megan has her first car!
Move over everyone - baby driver on the road!

The birthday fun has already begun.... Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawn bought megan her first real car. We got home from a trip to the park to find a huge box waiting for us. What does this mean for our future????? Do babies need a learners permit??? What will be do???
I can tell you - we'll have lots of fun walks around the neighborhood!
As you can tell, she's so proud of herself - honking the horn, playing the radio, shifting gears. We had a great afternoon and evening playing with our new Cozy Coupe Convertible.
Megan wasn't ready to get out - she was having a blast. Once we got it parked in it's special parking spot (aka - storage closet in the garage), she wanted to climb over it and around it. So fun! I mentioned in a previous post that this delightful car was the match that ignited Megan's first real public temper tantrum. I had put her in it at Toys R Us (my mistake, now I know) to see if she liked it and if she would crawl out (it doesn't have seat belts). She LOVED it and threw an ever loving tantrum when I picked her up and tried to put her back in the shopping cart. Now - no need to fuss... it's at her beck and call!
Thank you Tony and Dawn - you've made a baby (and mommy) very very happy and you went overboard for Megan's birthday! We can't wait for you to come down and race us!!!! Maybe by then we'll take the floor board out and it'll be foot driven instead of mommy handlebar driven.


Dawn said...

Happy (almost) 1st Birthday, sweet Miss Megan! Your Uncle Tony and I would pull the moon out of the sky for you if your little heart truly desired it!!! You are so adorable in your new wheels. The joy on your face made our hearts sing!!! Keep cruising, Sweet Pea! We love you, your Mommy and Daddy more deeply than words can say!!!

Auntie Dawn

hmferrero said...

Wow that looks like a fun car! That is great that she loves it so much!