Friday, February 8, 2008

Caught Red Handed

From across the room, I can see it about to happen. Something catches her attention and she throws down whatever she is currently playing with to hightail across the room to the red bag.

It's amazing that Megan can spot a container of cheerios, puffs, or veggie crackers (her absolute favorite) from a mile away. She knows they are in the diaper bag, and without hesitation she goes for it. It's not like she can get the container open (yet) but she shakes it and grunts her commands for a cheerio.

It's been a crazy week - we've had some really fun days and some really really bad days. Megan had her first real temper tantrum in a store. It's really probably my fault. We were at Toys R Us and I wanted to see if she'd like the Cozy Convertible Car (the ride in car with the handle on the back and the floorboard you can take out later so she can push herself). It doesn't have a seat belt so I wondered if she would stay in it. So I put her in it and pushed her up and down the aisles... oh my gosh - she LOVED it. Now I'm looking for them at local consignment shops. At any rate - I got her out and she had a meltdown because she wanted to play some more. I learned my lesson and got my answer!


Tony said...

Well Megan, your Daddy is teaching you well. Us Blaisdells are famous for seeing food across the room and going right to it. Before long you will know there is food in a room before you see or smell it. It's a gift you have inherited.

Way to keep Mommy on her toes in the store. We sure do miss you.

Love, Uncle Tony

Sandy P said...

We have a picture of Macie laying (or lying) in the middle of the family room floor in a pile of veggie crackers stuffing her mouth. She had pulled them out of a bag we left sitting on the coffee table. Since it was the box, she could get into them.