Friday, February 22, 2008

Can we go outside and play in the rain????
Megan will pretty much put anything in her mouth. She looks for things to use as a pacifier. This is her newest find. Looks like a paci - acts like a paci - but what is it? Any guesses???
(The answer will be at the end.)

Note the pitiful look on her face.
Maybe it's because we are stuck inside on a rainy day,
or maybe it's because she didn't sleep good last night,
or maybe it's because we are headed to the Doctor's office in a bit to see if she has another ear infection. Ugh. I hope not! I'll post later today to let you know if its a random cold and teething, or if indeed Megan is sporting ear infection 6 of this cold season.

And - what was the object that Megan decided would be a great new pacifier?
Have you guessed it yet?

One side of the safety thingy that holds the curtain strings up out of her reach. They tend to fall off when people raise and lower the blinds because there's too much string in there. Megan, being the helper she is, will immediately find the other side - and suck on it.

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Sandy P said...

Macie just took the last dose of antibiotic this morning, and she is coughing again! I can feel the pain. I think we are headed to the doctor Monday for a recheck.