Monday, February 4, 2008

Some Firsts, Some Just Funny

I started to log on to say - nothing is really happening here. We are getting over the double ear infections and a nasty cough. But then I realized that we did have some firsts today, and my camera was out a lot - here's why...

First time Megan has taken formula out of a sippy cup, instead of a bottle. This is a big deal because she is not a sippy cup fan. At one point she got tired of it and I took the lid off and let her drink it from the cup. I wish I could've gotton her milk mustache - but she was too quick for me. But I figure she's closing in on one year and since she's just now getting bottles - why not try to skip it all together and just go to cups (sounds so much easier than it is).
A mother's torture. This really could be a blog of its own. A book I read on brain development (yeah, it's that teacher in me that must "study" whatever I'm currently working on) - anyway, it said that a fun task for a baby is to try to get off a piece of tape. That it stimulates their problem solving skills on a baby level. Let's just say it also stimulates mommy's laughter!!!! During some random moment of the day, I stuck a piece of scotch tape on her arm and it took her a little bit to get it off. She didn't seem to regard it as torture (although I was feeling guilty about it as I laughed my head off watching her try to figure out what was on her arm), and had fun. She even smiled once she got it off.... that was right before it went into her mouth. And she did all this - standing up leaning on a chair. That surprised me.
Is the lady of the house home????? Megan loves her "Laugh and Learn Playhouse". You should see me trying to crawl through the doorway to chase her (yeah - those pictures won't be showing up here!!!!! I do have a little pride left!)
For the first time we took our doggie push toy outside. It ended up being such a nice day today that we went out. Megan loved it. She just pushed it around the driveway. Of course I was somewhat nervous thinking that she would fall on her face but nope, she was a pushing champ!
Once we got inside she used her own special baby sign language to say, "Hey mom, I'm hungry"... either that or she was fishing for crumbs that had fallen earlier. You decide.

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