Saturday, February 2, 2008

Strong Will

I sometimes wonder what the next couple of years will hold. I know "the books" (for what that really means in the parenting world) say that at 10 months babies start to develop that independence and exert their own preferences. Oh how I see that in Megan. She'll be 11 months old next week - hard to imagine. And already she's letting us know what she does and does not want.

Here's what I mean. I'm in the process of weaning Megan and she's taking a bottle or two a day now. Well.... she no longer wants to be cuddled while taking a bottle. She wants to sit straight up and would prefer to not be in your lap. She wants to look at you so that she can talk to you in between gulps. See what I mean...

It's like feeding a little barnyard animal (I know one day she'll be like "mom, I can't believe you said that about me"). It's cute, but also very funny. And makes for a interesting time with a bottle.

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Sandy P said...

Macie is starting to really pitch a fit when she does not get her way!
I think Macie is completely weaned, but she will only drink warm milk from a bottle. I figure right now it is better for her to get the milk and we will deal with the bottle issue later!