Monday, June 2, 2008

Catching Up

Just wanted to catch you up with some of the things we've been up to...

First I have to say - a few weeks ago our neighborhood had their big neighborhood garage sale. I couldn't get my act together enough to participate as a seller - so of course I showed my support by shopping... we got some great deals!

This fun table is one that I actually considered buying for Megan a long time ago.
It can be an activity center for a baby with stuff that hangs down (I'm sure they use a more technical term), or you can turn the main tray sideways for a baby who is sitting, or straight for kids who are standing and cruising, or like this little desk and the bench becomes a stool. The really fun part is that you can flip the tray over and the other side is a writing area with a paper clip. How fun is that! Megan LOVES it! It was well worth $5 (especially since it's 10X that in the store).

And we scored a great grill...
For Megan....

My family has been talking about a "grill-0ff" to see who can make the best ribs. and I think Megan has secretly been planning a last minute entry into the contest. So watch out Granddad and Uncle Kevin. Until it's official - she's been pushing that grill all over the place outside. It even comes with grill tools - which I recently found in the bathroom??????? go figure.

While we are on the topic of things mysteriously ending up in other places..... We've been looking for our cable remote for 2 days. It's been driving up crazy because we can't find it anywhere. So tonight on our 100th search through the house I stumbled upon it (literally) in our closet. Of course, silly me - what a great place to keep a remote.... Megan tends to walk off with things and then drop them when she finds something more interesting. So it makes me wonder - what shoe did she wander off with?????


And just so you have a glimpse of the world from my angle ---

This is what you see when you take 2 toddlers to the park:

Last week we met up with some friends at the Zoo and had a great time. Megan LOVED the animals -- at least she did once I got her off the playground. :^)

(Shelby helped show Megan the ropes of all the fun to be had at the zoo - Thanks Missy, Shelby and Jackson!)

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