Monday, June 9, 2008

Uncle Dan

Finally, Uncle Dan arrived. It was a bit of an adventure for him to get here. My family came over early to go to the pool before he got here and we had a cookout.

The sad news - the pool was randomly closed. Don't know why....
But we were all dressed and ready to get wet so we pulled out Megan's water table and her little wading pool and had some fun with the kids in the driveway.

Then on Sunday we all met up at Grandma and Granddad's house for another cookout (this time with Granddad cooking ribs - yummo!). Megan got some fun playtime in with everyone. She had some time to snuggle with Uncle Dan... Megan was having a good time on the couch with Uncle Dan and Daniel while watching this....

Justin and Anna attacking Granddad.

OK Granddad - hope you can still move today.... :^)

Grandma got in some storytime with Anna.

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