Tuesday, June 17, 2008

HFM part 2

Just an update...
If your child gets this..... be sooooooo sweet to them - it stinks!
They say that IF an adult gets it (very unlikely since it's a "kid" illness) that they usually don't have any symptoms. Only like 1-5% of adults have any outward symptoms......

I'm off to buy a lottery ticket!

I thought the mouth ulcers were bad.... until I realized they were still coming up, spreading and getting worse. THANK THE LORD that my Dr. just called in a prescription for numbing mouthwash for me cause I can't eat or drink. And low and behold last night while I was sleeping I broke out into tiny little blister like bumps all over my fingers and my toes (and they itch). Oh yeah - not so good. So I'm wondering... am I contagious at this point? No one seems to know. Because evidently I'm not supposed to actually get it... so ???????????

Megan is feeling better now... good for her!
I would hate to imagine how a child would respond to this - I'm hating having it but I can honestly say, I'm soooo glad it's me and not her. I can handle the blistery bumps -- and hopefully the mouthwash will handle the rest!


Dawn said...

You poor soul! Sounds like you needs some TLC (and some back-up)! I read on WebMD that it can be passed through dirty diapers even a couple of months after any blisters are gone! There's some good information on their website: http://children.webmd.com/tc/hand-foot-and-mouth-disease-topic-overview. Try to eat ice cream and popsicles... Wish I was there to help, but glad you have such a wonderful group of family and friends to pitch in and lend assistance. Love you!!!!


Suzanna said...

Val! That stinks--how are you holding down the fort? Can I do anything to help?

Sandy P said...

Well, since you are not suppose to be contagious after the fever is gone and Macie never had a fever, but she seems to have spread it all over Atlanta..who knows! (I am sure an English teacher is cringing at that sentance) Let us know if you need some help. We are at VBS in the morning, but we could get Megan in the afternoon if you need it.