Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Daddy!
A lot has happened in a year. Last year I couldn't really help you celebrate. All I could do was lay there and snuggle with you. My hugs and smiles were the only presents I could could really give.

You said I was the best birthday present you could ever have.

I loved sitting in your lap and letting you tell me stories and give me kisses and making all sorts of goo-goo faces and noises. It was really cute. I think having you as my dad was the best present I ever got!!!!Now I'm bigger, but I'm still your baby girl. Now not only can you give me cuddles, snuggles and kisses, but I can give them back. Instead of just letting you have all the fun, I can listen to you read me stories and help out on some parts. If you forget to turn the page (or just read too slow for me)- I'll jump in to your rescue. I love our time together and I love celebrating your birthday. This year, maybe you'll even share your cake with me (yum) and I'll help you with your candles. I got lots of practice at that on my birthday so in case you forget (I hear that happens when you get older) I'll be by your side to help you out.
And Daddy.... Happy Birthday!! Mommy says that every day is a special blessing - and every kiss a special present... so I'll have lots of those presents waiting for you at home.

Love - Megan

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