Friday, June 6, 2008

Water Fun

Summer is here and the temps are already in the 90's...
So we headed to the pool!!!

Megan's getting the hang of walking in the baby pool. Our little friend Will came to play with us. We had a blast!
Later yesterday afternoon we had more water fun (the pool time wasn't enough) we refilled the water table and splashed some more.
I've got more to post later - but now we are off to a concert at the mall.

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Sandy P said...

Macie's little float is technically a "swim trainer". It keeps her on top of the water, but it does not keep her face out of the water. It puts her into a swimming position. It will keep them up, but they have to figure out how to keep their own head out. I actually think she will pick it up fast. It just gives a little more security if she were to jump in or go head first. She would stay on top of the water. She is quickly learning to keep her mouth shut!