Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Megan and Uncle Dan

Uncle Dan - we had a great time during your visit and were so sad when you had to leave. Megan still walks around the house looking for you. She'll walk into your bedroom and point at the bed and do a little "meganese" grunt and chatter which I take to mean, "where did Uncle Dan go?"

Here are some fun memories of our time together...
Every day Megan and Uncle Dan snuggled up for a book...

We got to get together with some old friends and celebrate Neil's birthday and Tom's birthday to come...
And Uncle Dan - Megan LOVES her new pajamas... Thank you!!!!!
I found a barbie jeep for $1 and Megan thinks it's for her to ride around on. Of course, we don't help discourage her because it's fun to zoom her around on that little thing.
A trip to the outlet mall held some fun for Megan too!
We got to go to the pool while Uncle Dan was here - Megan loves her little boat (at least for about 10 minutes she does).But according to Megan the best is when you enjoy a popsicle with her.And she was always so appreciative when you helped her up after little tumbles. She hates getting her hands dirty.We are all hoping we didn't give you any little germies to take back with you. :^)
And we are looking forward to our next trip up your way.

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Leslie L. said...

What a lucky little girl to have an uncle who loves her so much. I hope you are feeling better, Val.