Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fun days and celebrations

Megan is enjoying cooling off at the pool these days. She's taken to being a dare devil in the pool which has caused my heart to skip a few beats. Her most recent declaration of independence is to walk into the center of the baby pool and then dive head first into the water (no she can't stand up by herself in that position- so I jump in to grab her out of the water and she is laughing). But we've had some good laughs as well. Hard to believe that the "splashing queen" was the same child who HATED the bathtub just a few months ago. After a good playtime in the kiddie pool, Megan almost always goes to her bag and scoops out her snacks. She's a people watcher so there's lots of entertainment, even when she's not in the water.

And... the inner artist is begining to surface. Megan has finally realized that she's the only kid who doesn't seem to be getting crayons. So after a stop out this weekend, Megan finally got her hands on some crayons. After a little tutorial and some prompting she started scribbling (sort of) away. And was very happy with her artwork..... Of course if you turn your head for a second the crayon is in her mouth.
AND... we have to say - HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAYNA!
It's Rayna's first birthday!!!! We loved celebrating with you this weekend and can't wait for some future playdates!

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